Chrome Wraps

If you really want your car to stand out from any other car on the road, get a chrome car wrap. We guarantee that it will dramatically change how your car looks and definitely make it pop in an amazingly beautiful way. This is a versatile detailing that looks great on any type of car.

However, a chrome wrap will take more time than a standard wrap but this is only time used to perfect the mirrored chrome finish. This is a look that takes skill, talent, top quality materials, and tools to achieve.  We want to give all our clients value for their money with a chrome wrap that they can be proud of. The amount of time a chrome wrap will take is subject to the model and size of the car.

At Armour Wraps, we have a great team of experts who have the necessary experience, skills, and talents to work with mirrored chrome vinyl and to transform the look of any car. We promise you that the care that goes into chrome wrapping car will show on every inch of your vehicle. We pride ourselves in being the best.

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